Fafner in the Azure: Right of Left is a TV special that serves as a prequel to Fafner: Dead Aggressor.


Yumi Ikoma and Ryou Masaoka are children who have been selected to take part in a top secret mission, to be the pilots of the first Fafner combat units; the last chance of survival for the human race. The enemy is ruthless, remorseless and is able to read the minds of humans. Therefore, the details of this mission are kept a secret even from the personnel involved. The young pilots must use all their courage and faith in order to survive and complete their mission or the fate of mankind would be compromised.


Humanity has been fighting for a long time against the mysterious Festum, an extra-terrestrial silicon life form from outer space that appear thirty years ago. The scene then shown a fleet of jet fighter in battle with Festum. In order to let other to live, some sacrifice had to be made. This is a story of the survivor.

Tatsumiya Island is a peaceful and a safe haven island from the Festum threat. The inhabitant live out their live as normal unknown about with Festum threat, though the adult seem knew what was going on outside the island. On July 20th, Year 2145, Ryo Masaoka, the Student Council President were giving out a speech on behalf of the graduates to the island resident before the graduation ceremony at the beach. It is then known that on graduating, the graduate will be told about the Festum threat and the current situation to the world. Later at the Student Council room, Ryo were leaving after a chat with Yumi Ikoma, the Student Council Vice-president and Soushi Minashiro when Karin Kuramae enter. Karin then discuss with Yumi about Ryo and the graduation ceremony, when Yumi inform her that Ryo does not want anyone know that he is on medication. It is then known than Ryo has an anaemia inherited from his late mother, resulting his appearance look pale, weakness, pallor and weariness. Kazuki Makabe then stumble onto Ryo who were resting by the tree and help to send him to Toomi Hospital.

At Toomi Hospital, they both stumble into Shouko Hazama who were sick (In Dead aggressor, we know about her disease). Kazuki then leave both of them for their medical check-up. Dr Chizuru Toomi inform Ryo that his symptoms has stabilised and suggesting reducing the amount of painkiller use. Ryo then told her about the experimental trial Fafner, Fafner Titan model (TSX) and were glad it is voluntary. Dr Chizuru then ask Ryo how he doing since his mother pass away two year ago. He assured her that the island is small and can ask anyone for help if he need it and he is not along (Referring to Shouko). After the medical check-up, Ryo were surprised that Shouko has not gone home yet and playing with Ryo pet dog, Pooky. Shouko told him that she was waiting for Maya Toomi. Ryo were envied that Shouko has good friend around her while half of his friend already graduated. Soon Ryo saw Maya from the distant and told Shouko to cherish the time she had by her side with her friend.

At the Ikoma home residence, Kouzou Minashiro and Fumihiko Makabe were leaving after discussing with the bedridden Professor Masayuki Ikoma regarding L-Plan when his daughter, Yumi return home from school. Later at the Alvis meeting, Kouzou unveil the L-Plan to the high ranking member of Alvis to act as decoy to give them more time for the island core to develop personality and hide the island as well as development of Nothung model Fafner from the Festum. Yumi after enjoying time with Ryo swimming at the beach return home to find her father lying outside the garden in a very weak state and told her to go to Alvis. He passed away after that. After the funeral, Yumi found her father phone at the garden and became aware of L-Plan as well as the Fafner Titan model. The memory chip in the phone emit a sound wave that played in her mind. Ryo later congratulate Yumi on her graduation after knowing about Alvis and see the Fafner unit with her own eye. It is then know that when someone from the island discovered the existence of Alvis, they can’t go back with their own normal lives and must choose to work together with adult in defending the island.

Ryo later received his Alvis access card from Dr Chizuru while Yumi decided to follow the same path as her father after meeting with Kouzou and receiving her Alvis access card. She later took a shower and cut her hair short before joining the other trainee of the experimental trial Fafner for training. Ryo were shocked to see her participated on the trial. The full plan of L-Plan were unveil to them where L-boat, the left section of Alvis detach and use as a decoy without the Welled Shield and Mirror Camouflage technology to prevent the Festum from discovering Alvis and Tatsumiya Island. Once it detach it will submerge, follow the drift current and emerge three days later. The plan required two months to act as a decoy and the Festum must see the L-boat as the main island to hide Tatsumiya Island. After two months, the L-boat will activate Fenrir system automatically and unlock the door to the submarine for evacuation. The training then began. Ryo were partner with Yumi to have a balance characteristics when crossing, a phenomena where both partner mind were link through the Siegfried system installed on the unit. After the training, Ryo try hard to find an owner to care for Pooky to no avail before the L-Plan were executed. It was not until he see Karin feed Pooky and were surprised that Pooky ate from someone else besides from him. Karin then agree to look after his dog and this made Ryo worry free about Pooky.

On September 2nd, Year 2145, the final preparation were completed and L-Plan were executed. L-boat detach from Alvis and were left to drift into the ocean. Three days later, L-boat emerge and encounter the Festum. Ryo and Yumi deployed to combat the threat and achieve the first victory for mankind in 30 years. By the sixth battle, Sanae Kaburagi start to show sign of the assimilation phenomenon leaving her in a comatose state. On the eight battle, another pilot fall to the comatose state. As the wave of Festum keep attacking, one Fafner unit were destroyed and another lost functionality leaving only two remaining unit. Soon one by one of the pilot fall to comatose state leaving three them of to fight.

On November 2nd, Year 2145, L-Plan successfully completed and L-boat unlock escaped submarine door as well as automatically activated Fenrir system. However the Festum attack prompting Yumi and Ryo to fight while L-boat personnel evacuate. But it was too late as the Festum are able to adapt to water, destroyed and assimilated the submarine. As a last act, both remaining Fafner unit lead the Festum into underwater trench to prevent harm to Tatsumiya Island. Both Ryo and Yumi confessed their love for each other before being assimilated by the Fafner Titan model but not before Ryo left a beacon message and activate Fenrir system.

Four months later, both wreckage of the Fafner unit were recovered from depth of the ocean. The data gather help improve the Alvis countermeasure against the Festum. As the same time, the beacon message recorded by Ryo were played throughout the island.




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