Emery Almond (エメリー・アーモンド Emerī Āmondo?) is a character that appears in the Fafner Exodus TV series. Like Miwa Hino, she is one of the Esperantos.

Personality & Character

Skills & Abilities


Being an Esperanto, Emery is able to communicate with the Mir. Emery is able read minds and telepathically communicate with Miwa Hino. (Exodus: "Visitor")


Emery Almond first appeared on a plane bound for Tatsumiya Island. Miwa Hino, an Esperanto like Emery, became aware that Emery was coming to the Island. All the while, Emery had been communicating via telepathy, an ability which most if not all Esperantos have.  (Exodus: "Visitor")

Upon arrival, Emery and Miwa quickly became friends.


Kazuki Makabe
Miwa Hino


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